Manifest the light in you

We all want to experience happiness and achieve freedom to enjoy life in a way that allows us to release the potential within us.

I often wondered what limitations there might be to fulfilling that potential. In order to find out I decided to pursue a journey.
I established early that each person has a potential but due to the challenges of life, such potential is often unrealised. Goals in securing a “good” life; expectations of others; applying the security rules of the peer group, all tend to steam away what should be our personal goals.

The journey involved me in revisiting past experiences and feel good periods in my life. With no clue as to what I should be looking for, I focused on listening, revisiting periods in my life with good and not so good experiences. Which in time gave me answers to a lot of questions and clarity on a way forward.
The experience has proved valuable and revealing and well worth the time and effort involved. I would like to share my experiences with you and to help you on your own journey to realise who you already are deep within you.



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